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About Us

Gareth Krueger, Founder and Owner

As owner and founder of Mountain Integrity Cleaning, LLC, I would like to personally thank you for your consideration and tell you a little about us, how we operate, and my personal background.  I understand that welcoming people into your home, even to provide a valuable service, is a special and private thing that requires trust.  My team and I will earn that trust and reward you with excellent service built on Integrity.

My background includes a solid education and strong military experience and training.  I have had many different jobs in my lifetime, and have lived in 7 different states.

Gareth  & Michelle Krueger, Owners

Honor is a cornerstone of who I am and my team by extension is chosen and trained with the same principles and values.  My wife and I started Mountain Integrity after realizing a huge need was not truly being satisfied throughout the front range. We found that although other cleaning companies exist, many of them simply do not clean with the dedication and emotional attachment to their customers that we expect from those we would hire for our own home.  Mountain Integrity was created to fill the gap between cleaning and cleaning with integrity.

I am from Michigan originally, joined the Navy out of high school. I was a jet mechanic.  After the Navy I went to live near my mom in Connecticut and drove limo’s in NYC for years, worked at a corporate airport and tried almost every job in my early 20’s.  Move to Tulsa, Oklahoma after living in Connecticut, then to Phoenix, AZ and finally to the Colorado Springs area 12 years ago. I love my kids, my life, my family, the mountains, the outdoors, and traveling and taking pictures. 

The struggle and hard work in other industries have built the experience and more importantly the desire to work for myself and deliver for others the way I want to be treated as well. 

I’ve always wanted to start my own business as a lot of my family were entrepreneurs. I wanted to build a life for me, my wife and my kids that we can all be a part of.  I want to build a business that will allow me to pursue other passions, while providing amazing customer service and satisfaction and leaving a legacy.  I am funny, chill, and easy to get along.  I love the customer building relationship part of the business above everything and making an impact on people’s lives after our services. 

Every customer of Mountain Integrity is treated with the ultimate respect and should there ever be any issues, questions, or concerns, they will be handled directly by myself or my wife to YOUR satisfaction. 

Message from The Owner 

“I founded Mountain Integrity Cleaning and specifically named her with “Integrity” in mind.  It is not just a name for me, it is my personal objective with every client.  We clean every house with integrity.  We go beyond what is visible to getting behind items and under areas that are usually skipped over.  The back of lamps, desks, and toilets and under door knobs, door mats, and inside crevices where dirt and grit can hide.  Giving you, the client, your hard earned moneys worth and exceeding expectations, so that you will want us to return again and hopefully recommend us to your friends and family.  That is what integrity is all about.” 

–  Gareth J. Krueger II and Michelle Krueger


  1. INCORRUPTIBILITY: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.
  2. SOUNDNESS: an unimpaired condition.
  3. COMPLETENESS: the quality or state of being complete or undivided.