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What Is Home Cleaning?

Everyone loves a clean home. While we may live with the mess, amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, there is a great satisfaction to be taken in walking into a freshly cleaned space, there’s even greater satisfaction in doing it yourself.

However, people lead busy lives and most people don’t have the time to deep-clean their homes every few days or so. That’s why you hire a professional cleaner, or a cleaning company to come in and do the job for you, while you’re at work. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and the tools to work efficiently and do a great job.

What Types of Services Do Professional Cleaners Offer?

Deep Cleaning

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Professional cleaning encompasses far more than you might think – it’s not just simple dust and vacuum and a quick scrub down of the kitchen counters. Most professional cleaning services’ bread and butter are in the deep clean. This usually includes a floor wash, vacuuming, furniture cleaning, window washing, countertops and bathroom cleaning and cleaning of the sinks and oven. Laundry services may also be included. The goal of a deep clean is to only do it once every six months,

Spring Cleaning

The goal of spring cleaning is to get the house ready for the spring and summer after it has likely been closed up for the winter months. Opening windows and allowing the cool but fresh spring air to flow through the space. Dusting the cobwebs is also an important part of spring cleaning, this service may also include laundry of the bedding in the house. Spring cleaning services may also include the disposal of unused items from the house, in line with many areas’ large garbage collection days, which often occur in the spring – though this will likely be offered for a greater charge.

Light Cleaning

Most professional cleaners also offer a lighter clean – this will often simply include a scrub down of the tub, shower, and sinks, along with a quick vacuum of the space. Light cleaning often doesn’t touch the harder-to-clean surfaces such as the oven. Sometimes, light cleaning misses the bathroom altogether, because it is generally more difficult to clean. However, the benefit of light cleaning is that professional cleaning services will do these more often, thereby reducing the need for a longer, deeper clean so soon.

End Of Lease Cleaning

If you are leaving a leased property, your landlord will come to inspect every corner of the home, so you want to make sure it’s clean. A professional cleaner will spend time in every room, doing all the little things you wouldn’t normally consider in a general clean. This includes:

  • cleaning walls of dust, cobwebs, insect markings, and other detritus
  • exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and air conditioners
  • cleaning light fixtures, switches, picture frames, and baseboards
  • skirting boards, doors, and doorknobs should all be cleaned
  • removing microscopic dust particles, pollens, and other material from various surfaces
  • removing dust that has accumulated on the exhaust fans and the ceiling walls
  • cleaning your oven and microwave of built-up oil, burnt food particles, stubborn stains, and leftover chunks
  • Dust removal from exhaust fans
  • Cleaning the showerhead, shower glass, side walls, bathtub, and soap holder of soap scum, mineral deposits, and other stains
  • Cleaning the grout between the tiles
  • Sink, faucets, and towel rails should all be cleaned and disinfected
  • Remove any muck, stains, or other deposits from the toilet bowl as well as the surrounding area
  • Cleaning the washing machine, as well as the areas surrounding it and other hard surfaces
  • Sanitising faucets and doorknobs
  • Remove stains and dust from the walls and flooring of the garage

Final Thoughts

The goal of professional cleaning services is not to transform your home – in fact, most things should be back in the place in which they were found when they arrived – but it is to provide your home with a breath of fresh air. Professional cleaning services are something that you should seriously consider if you find yourself struggling with finding the time to clean your space. Luckily, most cleaning services provide different levels of service to suit your needs, whatever they may be, and can work around your schedule. Their goal is to provide you with a clean space to come back to at the end of your working day.

If you want to find out more, our team is available to discuss the services we provide. Our goal is to ensure your home is looking amazing and that everything is as clean as possible – talk to us today.

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