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3 Best Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

Home organizing isn’t for everyone. Some find it relaxing to tidy up clutter, but most of us would rather watch TV. Despite this, it is impossible to deny the benefits of a clean and organized home. Coming home to a messy living room and a sink full of dishes is bound to only make you feel worse after a long, tiring day.

A popular study shows a connection between cleanliness and mood. Just making your bed every morning can help improve your mood for the rest of the day.

If you have never adequately tried organizing things, this is your chance. Tidying a cluttered drawer or organizing your closet can feel very rewarding. Though it is not the most exciting activity, a little bit of smartening up now can help you in the long run.

Light and spacious living room with window, TV, bookshelfs, floor panels and modern furniture

It is okay to dread your cleaning day-just don’t keep putting it off. Pick a time and start from one area. You may try to tackle multiple places simultaneously, but you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

Be determined and sticks to these tips. For a sparkling, well-organized home, these steps are sure to do the trick.

1.  Store Your Shoes Outside

Shoes carry the most amount of dirt into homes. Every day you step in from work and let another batch of dust into the house. Storing your boots outside can help you keep things clean long-term. Not only this having a separate shoe section also clears up the space in your room and makes it feel airier.

Maybe there’s a hall closet you can use to store your footwear. If there’s no space in the broom cupboard, try to make some. Build some shelves where shoes can be stored – your carpets and floors will stay cleaner, and there will be more space elsewhere in the home.

If you feel like your shoe shelf is a bit of an eyesore, you can buy a cover for it. Use colors that go with your decor so that it doesn’t stick out.

2.  Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Chances are, if you haven’t worn that shirt for the last year, you are never wearing it again. Or, you may have two of the same things and not even know about it. This problem occurs a lot with basics. You may have bought the white tees thinking they were a great deal or to get that extra discount. It is also the usual case for basic blue denim. In such cases, choose the items that fit you best and chuck the rest.

Sometimes you may be hanging onto things for only their sentimental value. However, keeping items you know you’ll never use ends up taking space. So, choose things that you absolutely cannot do without and get rid of the rest. It may seem difficult to part with history, but do you need the seashell parrot you got from a year-old holiday?

Charities are sure to have donations bins for clothing in your city. Some even do home pick-ups for large parcels at a bit of a fee. Use their services and donate old items. Luxury for you will end up helping somebody’s need.

3.  Plan Ahead

A thorough organizing session takes a surprising amount of time. If you are not a skilled organizer, it is better to stick to a single area. Choose the bedroom or the living room as your starting point and get to work.

Ensure there are no interruptions because leaving in the middle of cleanup usually means you have to start from scratch. Plan your cleaning on your day off, and maybe let your spouse take care of the pets or children while you work.

Starting from a small part of the room-choose a cabinet or a closet to declutter the best way. Completing this task will motivate you to tackle the rest of the room. Soon you’ll be able to move on to the next room and then the whole house.

4.  Box Things

 Maybe it’s the bag you bought with your first pay or a shirt a loved one gifted you. There are things you know you don’t need but can’t quite get rid of. Use boxes for such times. They don’t clutter the room, and you can also put them into storage.

Boxes are useful for storing your everyday things. Label them accordingly and use them to store items that usually cause the most mess, including your phone accessories, your jewelry/watches, and keys. On top of clearing the space, this method ensures that you don’t misplace your necessary items.

If you need help with your cleaning, why not get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help!

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