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Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is the most important part of cleaning the house after a big addition or renovation happens in the house. It is the best time to do a deep cleaning to make sure that all the walls and ceiling fans are free of dust since the house has no furniture in it.

What post construction cleaning includes:

The post-construction cleaning includes dust mopping all the corners and ceilings of the rooms, windows and doors, as well as bathrooms and mirrors. Most people overlook this step but post-construction cleaning is important to make sure that all dirt is removed from every nook and cranny in the house. The post-construction cleaning has to be done after cleaning up all the construction workers’ debris.

Team of professional janitors cleaning room after renovation

To effectively remove post-construction dust, you need to make the cleaning a two-man job by assigning one person for dust mopping and the other for removing dirt from window sills, corners and ceiling fans.

In order to clean a room that was just remodeled, one has to start at the ceiling and work his way down the walls using a pole. The dirt should be thrown out in trash bags so it can all be taken once the post-construction cleaning is over and the place has been renovated. The post-construction cleaning should be done by a company that deals with post-renovation cleaning services or it can also be done by an individual doing the cleaning for his own house.

The post-construction cleaning service is important because, after the dust mopping, all dirt will end up on the dust mop, which cannot be used for post-construction cleaning anymore. With post-construction cleaning, you make sure that there will be no dirt left in your house after a renovation or addition has been added to it.

Once all the leftover dirt and dust are removed, the floors still need to be vacuumed and mopped, and the windows need to be washed to resume sparkling like new. All the bathrooms need to be cleaned and scrubbed to remove any dust, mirrors polished, and the toilets scrubbed with a toilet brush.

Post-construction cleaning is very important to do as it helps restore pride in your home after many people have worked on it. The post-construction cleaning will last a few hours, but if well-planned can result in a fresh clean smelling house that is ready for furniture and belongings.

By post-construction cleaning your home, you will not have to worry about odors from paint or dust and debris that end up in the carpet. Proper cleaning is what makes a house look great and feel fresh after the renovation. If post-construction cleaning is overlooked, it could result in an awful smell, unwanted dirt stains on the floor, and even damage to the paint in some cases.

Cleaning post-construction is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and dedication. Doing post-construction cleaning can be hard if one has many other tasks at hand or does not have post-construction cleaning experience. This is why one should hire professional cleaning companies to make sure the post-construction job is done right.