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How Do You Prevent Dust From Accumulating In Your Home?

Dust is everywhere. The question is, how do you deal with it?

Dust particles don’t just consist of dead skin cells of the human body. They also consist of pollens and soot, which can become airborne. If unchecked, dust pollution can cause respiratory issues or other diseases.

So, how do you deal with your inevitable friend? Here are a few tips.

1.    Start At The Beginning

How organized are your rooms? Dust accumulates in unclean places. A good quality doormat filters outside pollutants. Start dusting from top to bottom. Fans and lampshades need to be cleaned before you sweep your floors.

dusting the tables

To clean your ceiling fans, you can use an old pillowcase – a great way to avoid having dust everywhere. Just place the fan blade into the pillowcase opening and pull the pillowcase near you. You will see the fan dust going straight into the pillowcase.

You can also clean your lampshade and other lamps effectively. For instance, wrap a dryer sheet around a clean painting roller and settle the ends with a rubber band. Then, attach it with an extension handle to roll away the vertical dirt. Once all the dirt is cleaned from the furniture, you need to sweep the floor with a microfiber sheet.

1.    A Quick Fix For The Electronics

Avoid using a cotton cloth to dust electrical devices like lights and lampshades. Cotton fibers might get easily entangled in between the fine intricacies of the devices. Instead, use a lint roller and lint gloves. These help in the easy removal of dust and dirt.

2.    Dust Regularly

Having a good cleaning routine is the key to keeping your home neat and clean. Look to clean every couple of days. If you’re on a weekly schedule, give extra attention to vents, and corners of the house. These might attract extra dirt and spider webs.    

3.    Bed Washing Weekly

What do you do if you return home to a stinky bed cover? You do not want to rest with the dirt! Fixing the bed helps keep dust and dirt at bay. However, washing and drying those heavy bed sheets every weekend might seem tough. Instead, you can use your washing machine’s dryer to remove pollutants from within.

4.    Vacuum Over Brooms

Using brooms to dust the floors isn’t a good idea. If you aren’t careful, the broom can scatter dust particles instead of clearing it.

Pressure washing or vacuum cleaning is useful for deep cleaning, especially for the nook and corners of your home. Heavy traffic areas, or the overly exposed portions of your house like the patio and the corners, require a straight vacuum for cleaning every speck of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean rugs and mattresses.

5.    Keep A Check On Your Closet And Pileups

Clean and structured closets allow more space to breathe in. Do not accumulate extra piles of clothes or unwanted baggage around the corners; these can attract more insects.

If you do not want your place to be a brooding ground for dirt and insects, keep a check on your wardrobe. Clean and structure it.  

6.    Consider An Air Filter/Furnace Filter

Air or furnace filters are a go-to solution for maintaining the air quality inside your house. Dust mites and other dust particles can easily clutter the surface. To reduce the risk, try installing High-Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filters to entrap the pollutants inside.  

7.    Brush Your Pets Outside

It’s rewarding and fun to have a pet at home. Not so much when it comes to cleaning dust.

Dust off regular fur deposits using a vacuum or a microfiber-based cleaning brush. Keep major brushing outside your home to avoid an extra pileup of your pet fur.

8.    Polish Furniture The Right Way

You may also want to reduce furniture polishing. Believe it or not, this can actually lead to an increase in dust levels. This is because the dusters that you use do not actually remove dust. Instead, it just moves it all around. So, if you’re looking to clean your furniture, we recommend a chemical-free way to do it.

In short, there is no quick fix to keep dust away but with these few tips, you can deal with your dust problem a lot better.  

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