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Reoccurring Residential Cleaning

When it comes to keeping our house clean and organized, it can become very overwhelming and stressful. Especially if both parents are working and/or there are kids in the house. The families are always on the go, and there is just not enough time in the day to take care of the house on top of all the other responsibilities.

This is where a cleaning company like Mountain Integrity Cleaning can come in and take your stress away. We will make sure that your house is clean and dust-free while you are out running errands or taking your kids to after-school activities. Our company is available to provide you with the best cleaning, while everyone is out and leaving your house spotless and smelling fresh for when you get home after a busy day.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Deep Cleaning explained

Happy cleaners cleaning and dusting in ordinary house

A weekly cleaning service is designed for homes that desire weekly cleanings. This can be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the needs of each home. In a weekly cleaning, we will deep clean floors and baseboards, change light & heavy bed linens, dust furniture & fans, vacuum all carpets and mattresses, mop/scrub floors, clean bathrooms, empty trash cans and vacuum.

A bi-weekly cleaning is done every 2 weeks, for those houses where the cleaning is maintained and doesn’t require to have the cleaning service there every week. The cleaning service for bi-weekly clients is the same as the weekly, but it might take longer to make sure that everything is done right and no cobwebs are left behind.

Our weekly cleaning differs from a normal weekly clean in that we plan and schedule the cleaning service for every week of the month, and you get weekly reminders to make sure that you don’t forget! We are able to provide weekly cleanings only because of our weekly schedule.

Deep cleaning is an intensive house cleaning; it’s designed for those who love weekly cleanings and feel that cleaning every nook and cranny is what their house needs. Any special services can be included such as windows, bathrooms or oven cleaning. We will make sure that your blinds are clean and vacuumed and that your door frames and window frames are cleaned and dusted.

If you are interested in weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, deep cleaning services, we service areas from Florrisant and Woodland Park to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Co. We would be happy to take care of your house and provide you with a clean and fresh-smelling home.