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House Cleaning Services in Colorado

In Colorado, specifically the front range area, there are 3 main counties.  Park County, CoTeller County Co; and El Paso County, Co.  While there are many cleaning companies to choose from in Colorado Springs, very few will service the entire front range.  Mountain Integrity is proud to not only have a large service area for all your cleaning needs, we also will provide consistent house cleaning services in ALL 3 counties.  Many of our clients are either from out of state and have vacation rentals that they need maintained and others simply have 2nd homes, family members, or simply live out of the Colorado Springs area.  We are here to serve you wherever you live and we do not charge for travel!  

House cleaning, especially residential cleaning, is our specialty.  Before we begin, we take meticulous notes on what YOUR desires and customize our services to meet your needs.  While we do have a very stringent cleaning process that we follow in each individual home, every home is different and every homeowner has specifics that he or she wants focused on.  It is your home, not ours, so we will make sure to capture your desires along with our process to make sure you invite us back to your home and provide house cleaning services again should you ever need the service again.  Of course, it is possible that right from the start you would like bi-monthly or monthly cleaning services and we are more than happy to accomodate you and your schedule as well.  Customized services both in schedule and in house cleaning services is just another way we want to make your life easier.

Our cleaning services, therefore, are also based on YOUR schedule, not ours.  We provide the following selection of services to meet your needs: 

What is included?

General House Cleaning Services 

We have found and have made it a practice of ours to be very clear and transparent about our cleaning services to avoid any confusion.  Our house cleaning services are very specific as far as what is included and what is not included.  The best way to serve the client is to make sure they know exactly what they are paying for and then deliver exactly that.  We have 2 levels of service and both can be customized to meet your needs.  It is important to note that every homeowner and every home is different.  Many just need a general cleaning and then they take it from there.  Some home owners are very specific and want the total white glove service with extreme detail. We are not here to tell you what you need, we are here to deliver what you need and desire.  This is why we take our time on our first visit to discuss YOUR needs. 

Our first visit to your home will include a complete walk around as well so that any additional services or areas that are not on our “to do” list are clearly spelled out and additional fees that may apply, are discussed upfront.  For instance, refrigerator cleaning is not included in our general cleaning service.  Many home owners dont need this and it is not important to them.  However, we have clients that want the entire refrigerator emptied, cleaned, and reorganized every visit.  This would be noted and added on as an extra service customized just for them.  However, since this is a “specific and unique” request, there is no reason to include it in our general cleaning, thus keeping our general cleaning fees affordable and competitive.  Below is a quick bullet point list of our “General Cleaning Services”.

General Cleaning Services in Colorado

Deluxe House Cleaning Services

Our deluxe house cleaning, goes much deeper and will satisfy the customer who simply wants every nook and cranny taken care of.  This is for the customer with extreme attention to detail and does not want to have to do any cleaning at all when we are finished.  The deluxe cleaning dives into more than just simple vaccumming, counters, and appliance exteriors.  The deluxe cleaning will include things like ceiling fan blades, fixtures, and door frames.  Having a family function or special event at your home?  The deluxe cleaning is probably for you.  The deluxe cleaing service includes all of the general cleaning bullet points listed above but then goes further, deeper, and cleaner!  The beauty of this service is that even it can be customized further to accomodate you.  As  you can see, there is a common theme with Mountain Integrity cleaning service..  Our services are about YOU and not us.  When our deluxe cleaning service is finished, there is nothing left for you to do except enjoy your home and your guests for a special night that you deserve.

Deluxe Cleaning Services in Colorado

We Love Colorado! 

Colorado is a gorgeous state and we love what we do from an environmental standpoint as well.  Regardless of anyone’s political background, we can all agree that we want to protect our environment the best we can and respect what the beauty that God has given us.  Preserving it to the best of our ability for generations to come should be a priority for any business or property owner.   Mountain Integrity only uses environmentally sensitive cleaning products and will dispose of any garbage or waste in an environmentally safe manner.  We are happy to always show you the products that we use in every home as our services are transparent and so are our cleaning products.

Window Cleaning Services in Colorado 

Window cleaning, is a seperate but very important aspect of keeping your house not only beautiful to enjoy inside, but also to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us outside.  It is very difficult to fully view the beauty that is all around us while indoors if you aren’t getting a clear and transparent view to the great outdoors.  The problem is that with windows, the condition of the windows slowly happens to the point that it is hard to realize how beautiful they were just a few months ago.  Time goes by quicker than we realize and neglected windows simply go unmanaged and unnoticed.  Well, Mountain Integrity is here to change all that and make sure your windows are squeaky clean and transparent.

Windows cleaning seems easy, and with the right equipment and products, yes, they can be fairly simple.  However, why do they go unmanaged in so many of our homes?  The reason is because having the right cleaning products is often easier said than done and while fairly straight forward, they are quite time consuming to clean if they are to be done properly.  Another hurdle is that many windows are not easy to get too and many people simply dont want to pull and carry ladders around the house, let alone start climbing up ladders to get those hard to reach places.   Next, what about the outside of the windows.  Cleaning the inside, but not the outside of the windows doesnt do much good, and plants and other obstacles outside can complicate a window cleaning job quickly.  Again, Mountain Integrity  Cleaning is here to remove the annoying headaches and let us clean and manage your windows for you so you can go back to doing things you truly enjoy.

Our products are again, environmentally safe, effective, and your windows will not streak or have a strange glare when we are finished.   You can have us come and do your windows only or add them to your house cleaning service that you are having done as well.  As you can see, we are hear to accomodate you, your needs, your desires, and on your schedule.  We truly look forward to serving you soon.  Contact Us Today!

A little info about our beloved state of Colorado:

Colorado , encompasses most of the southern Rockies and is bordered by 7 states.  Denver is our capital and most populated city.  Colorado is growing in population and in fact has grown by more than 15% since 2010.  We rank in the top 10 for per capita and household income. We became a state on March 3, 1875.  We are known for our deep deposits of both gold and silver and a large portion of the gold rush in the late 1800’s to boomtowns like Cripple Creek and Victor Colorado where many fortunes were made.   The Rocky Mountains are probably our most defining geographical vision of identity and contain a total of 58 peeks that are 14,000 feet above sea level or higher.
The name Colorado is Spanish for  
“colored red.” and is nicknamed the “Centennial State” because it became a state one century after the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

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