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Teller County, Colorado

House Cleaning Services in Teller County, Colorado

There are 3 Counties that Mountain Integrity Cleaning primarily serves..   Park County, CoTeller County Co; and El Paso County, Co.    If your home is within or borders any of these 3 counties, we probably can help you with all your house cleaning needs.  We understand you have many options throughout Teller County, Co, and we would love to earn your business.   Mountain Integrity is proud to have a large service area for all your cleaning needs and our team is able to travel throughout the front range and even deep into the rocky mountain rural areas where most cleaning companies will not go.  Teller County, Co is quite large and covers Woodland park and Divide all the way over to Cripple Creek and Victor, Co.  We dont mind! Whether your home is a log cabin, ranch, or even a business, our goal is to provide as convenient a service as possible and cater to your needs wherever you may live.  We have been serving Teller County, Colorado with excellence for many years now.

House cleansing, mainly residential cleansing, is something we truly make our priority and it shows in every home we service.  As a new client, we will listen to what YOUR priorities are as well and cater our service around your desires.  Our time tested cleaning techniques that we use within every client’s home will not interfere with the fact that each home is unique and every house owner has specifics that she or he needs to focus on.  It’s your home not ours, so we will make certain to know your desires together with our procedure to make sure you invite us back to your property and provide house cleaning services again should the need arise.  Our initial meeting will have us listening and you explaining, not the other way around.  Custom designed services that modify on your schedule and for the house cleansing offerings to you preference is simply any other way we want to place you first.

We provide the following selection of services to meet your needs: 

What is included?

General House Cleaning Services in Teller County, Co 

Communication is key!  A confused customer ends up being an unsatisfied customer and we do not want that!  Both Gareth and Michelle Krueger, owners, are very clear to make sure every client knows exactly what they are paying for to avoid any chance of a misunderstanding .  It is important to be very specific as far as what services are included and what is not.  The best way to serve the client is to make sure they know exactly what they are paying for and then provide as promised.  We have 2 levels of service and both can be customized to meet your needs and stay within your budget.  We understand that every homeowner and every home is different.  Many just need a general cleaning and then they take it from there.  Some homeowners are very specific and want the total white glove service with extreme detail.   There is no reason to pay for services that you do not want or require, so as you can see, customization is a recurring theme.  We are not here to tell you what you need, we are here to deliver what you desire.  This is why we take our time on our first visit to discuss YOUR home cleaning with you thoroughly. 

What to expect?  Well, our first visit to your home includes a complete walk around as well so that any additional services or areas that are not on our “to do ” list are clearly noted as well as any additional fees that may apply.  For instance, refrigerator cleaning is not part of our general cleaning service.  Many homeowners don’t need this as it is not essential.  However, many clients that want the entire refrigerator emptied, sanitized, and neatly reorganized and cared for on every visit.  We will just simply add this “one service” to your general cleaning services.  However, since this is a “out of the box” request, it is not included in our general cleaning, thus keeping our general cleaning fees low and reasonable for most homeowners.  Here is a quick checklist of our “General Cleaning Services”.

Deluxe House Cleaning Services

Our deluxe house cleaning dives much deeper and will satisfy the customer who simply wants that extra level of deep cleaning.  This is for the customer with very detailed needs, specific requests and does not want to have to do any cleaning at all when we are finished.  The deluxe house cleaning delivers much more than vacuuming, cleaning counters, and appliance exteriors.  It will include things like ceiling fan blades, fixtures, and door frames.  Having a family reunion or special party at your home?  Deluxe Cleaning is a great option.  The deluxe cleaning service includes all of the general cleaning bullet points listed above but then goes further, deeper, and cleaner!  You can also mix and match.  Maybe you want a deluxe cleaning once per month and a general cleaning once per month.  This is your option!  Simply tell us what you want and your wish is our command.  Deep and thorough house cleaning in Teller County, Co without all the hassles! When our deluxe cleaning service is finished, there is nothing left for you to do except enjoy your family for the special night that you have been planning. 

We Love Teller County, Colorado! 

Colorado is an incredible state and Teller County, Co is gorgeous and economically vibrant and it is home to 11 mile Lake and our wonderful casinos in Cripple Creek.  Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak from all over.  We love Teller County and we love what we do from an environmental standpoint well.  Regardless of anyone’s political background, we can all agree that we want to protect our environment the best we can and respect what the beauty that God has given us.  Mountain Integrity does all it can to preserve our wonderful environment for generations to come.   Mountain Integrity only uses environmentally sensitive cleaning products and will dispose of any garbage or waste in an environmentally safe manner.  We are happy to always show you the products that we use in every home as our services are transparent and so are our cleaning products.

Window Cleaning Services in Teller County, Colorado 

Window cleaning, is a seperate but another very important part of keeping your house not only beautiful to enjoy inside, but also to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us outside.  Quick moving weather fronts in Teller County, Colorado can be challenging!  It is very difficult to fully view the beauty that is right outside our windows if you aren’t getting a clear and transparent view of the great outdoors in Teller County, Co.  The difficult thing about our windows is that the condition of the windows slowly deteriorates to the point that it is hard to detect how clean and clear they were just a few months ago.  Time simply flies by and the neglected windows simply go unmanaged and unnoticed.  Well, Mountain Integrity is here to change all that and make sure your windows are cleaned on a regular basis making your house more enjoyable to be in.

Windows cleaning seems easy, and with the right equipment and products, yes, they can be fairly easily maintained.  However, why do they go neglected in so many of our homes?  The reason is because finding the time to care for our windows is often easier said than done and while fairly straight forward, they are quite time consuming without a structured system like we do in place..  Another hurdle is that many windows are not easy to reach and many people simply can’t carry or have the proper equipment, let alone start climbing up ladders to get to those windows way up high.   It can be difficult and for our valued senior citizens, downright dangerous! Leave all that craziness to us!  Next, what about the outside of the windows?  Cleaning the inside, but not the outside of the windows is not a solid solution, and obstacles outside can make a window washing task very difficult.  Again, Mountain Integrity  Cleaning is here to help make your life easier and let us clean and manage your windows for you so you can go back to doing things you truly enjoy.

Our products are again, environmentally safe, effective, and your windows will not streak or have ugly streaks when we are finished.   You can have us come and do your windows only or add them to your house cleaning service that you are having done as well.  As you can see, in El Paso County, we are here to accommodate you, your needs, your desires, and on your schedule.  We truly look forward to serving you soon.  Contact Us Today!

A little info about Teller County, Colorado:

Teller County, Colorado, has just over 20,000 people in it with about 40 people every square mile.  Cripple Creek is the county seat.  Teller County borders 5 other counties and is home to one of the greatest gold rush periods in our nation’s history.  

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