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Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is one of the best ways to increase the beauty of ones home.   Let the light in and brighten your entire home!  Often, over time, windows can simply get forgotten about and that once clear view becomes slightly faded and even a little foggy. 

Mountain Integrity will get them streak free and brilliant again both inside and out upon your request.

Whether you are in spring cleaning mode, preparing for a special event or family gathering, or simply want to get your windows looking like new again, Mountain Integrity is happy to be your windows and glass cleaning solution.

The glass cleaning products we use are pet friendly, odorless, and extremely dust resistant so that once clean they will stay that way for as long as possible.  Window cleaning compliments all of our other cleaning services, so feel free to let us get your windows sparkling for you as well as make your home immaculate.

The tools or materials required are:

  • Bucket with warm water (warm to avoid freezing when applied on the window).
  • Cleaning rags (the best material is cotton)
  • Scrubbing brush (a toothbrush will do)
  • Squeegee (the best material is rubber). An optional tool to use in window cleaning is a bucket with soap and sponge. In this case, it will be required another person to act as a lookout for other people walking under the window or painting while the windows are being cleaned. For inside window cleaning, it’s recommended that the inside window is covered with plastic so that the water dripping could be contained. If cleaning the outside window, care should be taken since it’s a higher floor than the ground and sudden wind gust are common. This is why hiring a professional is the best option!


Our window cleaning services can be customized to extend to the following upon request:

  • Exterior and Interior
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Sliding Glass doors
  • Trophy CasesChandeliers
  • Display CasesMirror cleaning
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Indoor & Outdoor light fixtures
  • Special requests welcome
Young man washing window in office

At Mountain Integrity Cleaning we have tall ladders to reach the second-story windows to make sure that the windows are clean on the outside as well as the inside of your house. We will provide you with clean windows that even the birds will confuse them for open space.

Reasons to clean your windows:

A clean window is a beautiful shiny object that can be enjoyed by everyone, all year long. There’s nothing more refreshing than looking out your bedroom window on a sunny spring morning and seeing the leaves just beginning to bud or the bright fall colors of the trees being reflected in your windows. The light shining through the panes of glass can make any room look cheerful and bright.

We offer affordable window cleaning solutions for businesses, residential, and individual customers in Florrisant and Woodland Park to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Co., as well as surrounding areas.

Our goal is to bring back the beauty of your glass by giving it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Whether you need monthly or quarterly window cleaning services – we’ve got great deals that will work around your schedule.

At the end of a long, hard winter you don’t have to spend hours cleaning your windows, we’ll take care of that for you at an affordable price and within in a few hours or less depending on the size of your house or workplace.

We are also available year-round for window cleaning, house cleaning and post-construction cleaning.

We use only the most modern techniques and tools in window cleaning that are safe for both you and your home. The equipment we use is also equipped with the latest safety features to protect our staff, customers, and their property while providing thorough service that will make you feel good about spending your money with us.

Window Cleaning Services We Offer:

Residential & Commercial: We can provide you with top-notch window cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes. If your home or business needs a window washing, contact us today!