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The Top Tips To Clean Your Concrete Floors

Do you love living in a modern minimalist home? If you have a concrete floor, you will love the high durability and easy maintenance. And it’s pretty popular too. The global concrete flooring market is estimated to reach USD 174.1 billion by 2025.

Additionally, even without paint, concrete flooring is weather-resistant, whether it be from rain or extreme weather. That being said, concrete paint does help to seal the goodness of your floor by increasing the lifespan and keeping damages at bay. However, it can be heavily damaged should you use corrosive chemicals to clean it.

So, how do you go about concrete floor maintenance?

Softness Stays Permanent 

Cleaning Service Maid Using Mop To Clean Kitchen Floor

Start with sweeping the floor. Use a soft-bristled broom to clean out the debris or any big particles. Most of the paints offer certain protection against dust, but it doesn’t promise cleanliness like a soft-bristled broom. You need to keep away rough and hard bristles as it might damage the paint texture. Don’t forget the corners full of dust.

Try Dry Dusting

Before you spring to get a wet mop, remove any pollution and dust remnants from the floor. If you apply a wet mop, the paint will attach to the particles and give an extremely dirty texture on drying up. Double-tap to dry dust before the final touch.

You can use a microfiber cloth for the best results. Finally, don’t forget to use clean water with your clean mop.

Use The Right Chemicals

After a double dry wash, now it’s time for a wet wash. Be careful not to use the wrong chemical, though. Else, the detergents can strip off the paint in no time.

Also, stay away from detergents or strong cleaning solutions containing ammonia and vinegar. These acidic elements can potentially corrode the surface of the paint, and in some instances, can seep into the inner linings of the floor. As such, the milder soap, the better.

Organic alternatives like Neem and camphor infused washing solutions help to disinfect the corners and are also a milder alternative to the chemical loaded solutions. Additionally, if you apply for a cleaning agent, you will need to give it sufficient time to work. Don’t vacuum quickly thereafter. Don’t let the cleaning solution dry on the surface.

Time To Be A Methodical Cleaner

After picking the right chemical, it’s time to understand the methodology with the mop! Do not load the mop with too much water or moisture, because that might hurt and oversaturate the paint and the lining of the floor.

Squeeze out the extra water, if any, before applying the mop from the corners towards the other sections. This will ensure a thorough and deep cleansing of your floor.

Dry It Out 

After the floor is deeply cleansed with organic solutions or non-corrosive detergents, allow it to dry completely. The floors shouldn’t retain moisture as it might dampen the linings.

Do this after every cleansing session. You may want to switch on your fans and open the doors and windows for the wind and sunlight to do their magic. It’ll make the drying out process a lot faster if you have air and sunshine.

What About The Obnoxious Stains?

How do we battle out the dirty stains caused by food, grease, or more? During situations like these, you have to be extremely mindful in choosing a cleansing solution that mildly sweeps away the stain without being hurtful to the paint texture.

Mix two teaspoons of the dishwasher liquid in a bucket of warm water. Don’t forget to squeeze out the extra water from a soft cotton cloth post dunking in the bucket. That should do the needful to the stains.

There is no quick fix for concrete floor maintenance. Keep up with the daily dusting and sweeping in progress to avoid dust build-up. It also helps in preventing the rough and coarse dust build-up that might eventually tamper with the texture and integrity of the paint.

Cleaning Your Concrete Floors? Here’s What Not to Do!  

Cleaning your concrete floors can seem easy, but there are a few things you need to avoid. Here are a few of them.

  • No to pressure or vacuum cleaning 
  • Don’t give in to its quick cleansing nature.
  • Pressure washing rips off the paint.

 If you want to find out more, get in touch with our team today and we can give you the right advice, and also assistance to get your concrete floors clean. We provide a full range of services and we’re here to assist.

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