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Top 3 reason to hire a cleaning service for your home

There are probably 25 reasons to hire a cleaning service to clean your home, but we have 3 undeniable benefits of letting a professional service take that burden off your shoulders that many haven’t thought about or weighed with the proper importance. Mountain Integrity Cleaning is here to do much more than clean your house. We are here to make your life easier, make your living environment beautiful, and save you valuable time for those things in life that you really want to spend your time on.

1.  TIME

Life has a way of flying by and regardless of ones age, lifestyle, daily responsibilities and routines, the days have a way of quickly turning to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Often we look back on our lives and we seriously ask ourselves, “where has the time gone?”. One thing about life that is 100% fair and not in dispute is that each of us only get 24 hours in a day and how we use those 24 hours is totally up to us. When you subtract sleep, we are down to about 16 hours per person per day. Cleaning may not seem like a huge time drain, but with all the other daily responsibilities that we all have, it is one of the easiest responsibilities that can easily be delegated to others. Weekly or even monthly cleanings can save dozens if not hundreds of hours per year while improving the lives of you and everyone else in your home. This is not trivial. Saving time (not just with cleaning services) through delegation is a great way to create more time out of the limited hours we all share.

Now, time saved is one thing, but time reallocated is something else altogether. In other words, many feel like delegating some responsibilities is lazy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once the responsibility is delegated, make great use of that time saved to do something more productive or valuable. This is not about not wanting to work or avoid responsibilities. This is about priorities and organization of time and resources. One of the most common denominators of successful people (and happiness in general) is the proper allocation of resources in our lives. Yes, time is a resource and probably one of the most important resources we have. These days and weeks that keep flying by are not going to ever stop, but how we utilize those hours can make a huge impact on our lives and the lives of others.  


Yes… Thats right. Most people would never guess that having a cleaning service would actually save them money, but the facts are that many times in life, the out of pocket expense is much less than the net positive in terms of “overall costs and benefits”. Once the “cost” of hiring a cleaning service has been discussed and within your budget, now ask yourself… What am i going to do with those valuable hours? Maybe it is a client meeting, working on a business plan, getting overtime at work, or simply going over personal finances. We highly suggest that our clients take advantage of these valuable hours for “you time”. The time, if used properly is golden and actually can result in found “gold”.  

Those hours when the cleaning crew arrives whether monthly or weekly are scheduled for YOU. Take those same hours and allocate them for those tasks that will help you level up that would have otherwise been put off until later or maybe never completed at all. Make the cleaning schedule, your “Productivity” schedule. Over time, the dollars spent on cleaning will pale in comparison to the gains made by focusing on those money making and money saving tasks that often get pushed aside. Delegation is a growth and money making technique and delegation of time consuming cleaning services is a great place to start.
One of the things we should constantly be evaluating is the value of our time? Unless you truly love doing time consuming tasks, try to always delegate tasks that cost you less than your time is worth. A lawyer who charges $450 per hour should never spend his time landscaping, gutter cleaning, painting, or house cleaning when those hours could be much better utilized elsewhere. Now, you dont have to be a highly paid lawyer to see the value in letting those tasks that others are set up to do faster and better while you focus on whatever it is that YOU excel at. This is just simple efficiency and prioritizing strategies that help us all accomplish goals and objectives in life faster.

3.  Mental and Physical Health improvements

Quality of life matters. Many factors go into the quality of ones life with finances only being one aspect of it. What good is all the money in the world if the stress of obtaining it means that you truly cannot enjoy it? We have to make decisions that have balance and allow us to maximize the enjoyment of our daily and weekly walk through life. If you have never had the burden of cleaning taken off your plate and experienced the breath of fresh air it brings when done properly, you are in for a real treat.  

The satisfaction we get from seeing the look on a busy single moms face or in a hardworking couple’s eyes once their home is immaculate is beyond rewarding. The weight lifted when this becomes a routine so that the house can be enjoyed as well as maintained is truly incredible. Over half of our “1-time” cleanings turn into reoccurring clients simply because the internal joy and stress relief lifted from a hard working families list of “things to do ” is so tangible. It doesn’t mean that home owners should “never” clean their own home. It means that they dont have to carry this burden all the time and all by themselves. This is no different than going out to dinner and getting a wonderful meal prepared for you. It is important to treat yourself and at times let others pick up the weights. Give yourself a break or others you love so that you can focus on you.

In addition, many times a thorough cleaning will uncover some hidden areas that we just didn’t see or haven’t had time to evaluate. A solid cleaning company will surprise you and give you a boost both mentally and physically. New environmentally safe and highly effective bacteria and germ killing products will be used that are not readily available off the shelves, further protecting your family and preventing possible disease and infection.  Get those windows finally cleaned the way you want and dissenfect your house thoroughly and breathe clean and healthy. Your body and mind will thank you!
These are our top 3, but there are many more from special event and party preparation to proper pet and household maintenance functionality. Above all, your happiness and satisfaction is the best reason of all. Whenever we enter a home, our main objective is for the home owner to be exctatic when we are finished. Your reasons for using us may be unique and not in our top 3, but whatever they are, we want to make them a reality by leaving you with a home you are extremely proud of. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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