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Office Cleaning Services: What Do They Include?

If you feel like your office space could use a really thorough clean, look no further than hiring out to corporate cleaning services. These services then hire out cleaners to come in and do the work for you. Your office space is a representative of your business, so it is very important that it is as clean as possible, particularly if you’re a meet-and-greet type of business.

There are generally two types of office cleaning that are performed: daily cleaning and after-hours, deep-cleaning.

The Daily Clean

This job is usually done by someone who starts early in the morning before anyone even gets to work, to make sure that when your staff arrives, the space is clean and ready to use.

Two Cleaners With Cleaning Equipments Together Cleaning The Office

They may also clean while you’re taking your lunch break – small things like removing trash from the garbage cans and wiping down kitchen countertop spaces, along with reorganizing things in disarray from the night before.

The daily clean usually involves a pre-day vacuuming of the office space, a wiping down of boardroom tables and chairs, as well as any of the office cubicles.

Other daily duties entail a wiping down of the windows both inside and out and a pre-day wipe-down of the toilet space, including the sinks.

During the Day

Some cleaning companies may even hire their employees to clean the office spaces during the day. This will likely be a simple 15-20 minute clean, particularly during the wetter or muddier months of the year, where a lunchtime vacuum of the welcome mat may be necessary, or a quick wipe-down of the office desks while employees are on lunch, even a quick wipe-down of the doors to enter the building.

The goal here is to perform quick tasks without being too intrusive upon the working day.

The After-Hours Clean

This is where cleaners will bring out the big guns. An intensive vacuuming of the entire office space will commence, along with (depending on the floor type) a deep clean using either a carpet cleaner or a floor polisher (if linoleum or stick-flooring, as found in most medical offices). The after-hours clean will focus on the bathroom spaces. These will be given an intense clean – a wipe-down of each toilet and each urinal, complete with a washing of the toilet bowl and doorframes to each cubicle.

All high-touch or high-use surfaces throughout the working day will be thoroughly cleaned, including a wipe-down of computer monitors and keyboards. If necessary, bedding or sheets will also be washed and replaced for the next day’s work. Windows will once again be wiped down indoors, as well as the polishing and sanitizing of any doorknobs. The kitchenette will also be tended to, the oven cleaned if it has been used, if not, then the stove-top will be wiped down and the microwave will be cleaned inside and out. The refrigerator will likely be checked and cleaned if necessary.

How To Choose An Office Cleaning Company

Your office space is a big investment – for you and your employees, so you want to ensure you’re hiring a reputable company. Here are a few things to consider before you sign any contracts:

Liability Insurance: Make sure you ask for proof of insurance to keep your office and team members safe.

Skilled professionals: How do they choose their employees? Are they screened? What experience do they have before starting?

Equipment: Do they provide everything themselves or does the office need to provide equipment and cleaning supplies?

Reputation: Are they well known in the local area? Do they have other major clients you can talk to or get a reference from?

Offerings: Do they provide all the services you need? Whether that’s just standard cleaning services, such as bathroom cleaning, sweeping, dusting, and trash collection; or something more advanced.

You should always do your research to ensure the company you’re hiring has a good reputation. Check their reviews on Google (not just on their website), and if you can, talk to previous or current clients of the company to find out more. You could also conduct a background check, which can help you avoid making a bad hire, create trust, and provide you a complete picture of the organization.

Office cleaning is critical to maintaining both employee safety and satisfaction. A clean space leaves a clear mind and a clear mind is able to focus better on the work that needs to be done for the day. If you need further information, get in touch with our team today.

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