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Who Is Supposed to Clean the House When You Rent Out A Room?

If it’s your first time renting out a room, an important question you’d have is, “who will take care of the cleaning?”. You don’t want to be the one to take care of cleaning the entire house when you’re only occupying one room. Ideally, you would want the landlord to take care of all the tasks around the house, but does that mean you have no responsibilities at all?

From a landlord’s perspective, you are renting out rooms to other people and expect them to keep them clean and tidy. But should the tenant be responsible for cleaning the entire home or just the room they are staying in?

Let’s explore this further in the article below.

The landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities

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Both the tenant and the landlord have responsibilities that they need to uphold to have a functional relationship. The landlord is taking a risk by allowing tenants to occupy one of their rooms and need to ensure that no problems arise in the future. On the other hand, the tenants also expect some level of service to be provided to them so that it remains a viable place for them to live.

The landlord’s responsibilities:

  • Ensuring security and changing locks between tenants if requested. Security is a big concern and all measures need to be taken to ensure that the new tenant is safe in their room.
  • Maintenance of the property and equipment provided in the house is the responsibility of the landlord. Any maintenance requests made by the tenant should be immediately attended to.
  • Heating facilities (water and temperature) need to be provided by the landlord.
  • Pest problems need to be dealt with by the landlord. They need to inspect the property every once in a while to make sure no pests are breeding.
  • If a room is rented, the common areas need to be cleaned and maintained by the landlord.

The tenant’s responsibilities:

  • Inspect the room and inform the landlord about any problems that need fixing. Don’t expect the landlord to fix the problem themselves.
  • If any damages were caused by the tenant while living in the room then it is their responsibility to fix it (equipment, heating, and so on).
  • Disposal of garbage to the allocated location is the tenant’s responsibility.
  • Keeping their living area clean and hygienic. This includes the room and toilet assigned to the tenant.

Different methods of renting out rooms

Renting out a room does not always mean that you get a room, toilet, and entrance to yourself. Depending on where you live, you may end up:

●     Sharing one house with multiple roommates who have individual rooms

If there are multiple rooms and each is occupied by different tenants, the tenants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own rooms and toilets. The landlord cannot venture into these rooms of their own accord and will require permission before an inspection. Therefore, the role of cleaning will fall on the tenant.

The landlord will be responsible for keeping all the other areas clean such as the living room, kitchen, and outside areas. Though depending on the landlord, they might provide the tenants with a contact for cleaning purposes who will visit the property to clean on a regular basis. The payment for this service will be shared among the tenants and paid to the cleaning company.

●     Renting a room inside the landlord’s own home

Some landlords rent out extra rooms in their homes to one or two tenants. These rooms are usually separated from the rest of the house and come with their own washroom facilities. In this case, the tenant is responsible for cleaning the areas they occupy while the landlord will ensure the cleaning of the rest of the house.

●     Renting a room in an otherwise empty house

If there is only one tenant in a home with multiple rooms, then again the tenant is only responsible for cleaning the areas they use – room, toilet, kitchen. The landlord will take care of all the other cleaning jobs in and around the house.

In the end, the responsibility for cleaning lies between both the tenant and the landlord. As a landlord, you may have multiple residences to clean regularly. Hiring a professional cleaning company can be the easiest way for you to manage this.

Even as a tenant, hiring a cleaning company to come once a week to clean out your room will be easier than finding time around your busy schedule.

Mountain Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that can take on any cleaning jobs around your property or rooms. Simply give us a call, set an appointment, and leave the messy cleaning job to us.

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